Keeping It Simple & Secure: AKTA Expands Market Footprint with New ARRIS Plug-And-Play Device

03 Jan 2018

Today's world is full of choice. For some, a linear viewing experience - where quality content is viewed in a pre-determined, scheduled order - is therefore still a great choice for relaxing entertainment.

Operators and their technology partners must cater to these viewers whilst still offering the best on-demand model to maximise market reach. The challenge is to do so in cost-effective and secure way.

This is where the Conditional Access Module (CAM) can play an important role. A CAM is a small device that slots directly into smart TVs to enable the viewing of content in a simple linear and on-demand way. For the viewer this means access to great content however they want; but in an encrypted and secure way for the operator's peace of mind.

This is exactly what we've done with Romanian cable operator AKTA. We've developed a CAM secured by ARRIS TITANIUM CAS (Conditional Access System), a software-based security solution that offers industry-leading levels of content protection. Our secure software does not require a smart card, or any other additional hardware to be placed inside the TV to provide the same level of security.

The new plug-and-play device, the ARRIS TITANIUM CI PLUS CAM, is:

  • Compatible with the widest range of content available today because it is CODEC- and video resolution-agnostic
  • Small, with low power requirements – making it a sustainable piece of technology, as well as cost-effective to distribute with minimal packaging
  • Equipped with a bicolor LED – an efficient diagnostic tool which can help mitigate potential problems

With this device, AKTA can now securely target any Romanian home with a Smart TV that has an integrated CAM slot to provide new quality content in a secure way – helping AKTA to give customers who desire a curated and linear experience exactly what they want.

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